Friday, June 30, 2006

I've been found

Life in the fishbowl has been pretty diverse lately. Mark Prothero, John Edwards, Davy Rothbart and Peter Rothbart. Interesting experiences - must check out

I am stunned how people are finding ways to make money these days! Mark Prothero was the defense attorney for Green River Gary - so he's taking a breath at the moment...John Edwards is traveling around promoting his book - looking very tan and fit. Davy became famous by discussing mementoes of others he'd found. Check out the web page to understand. Amazing - people are doing these things - and I have a job. I think I'm working too hard at the wrong things!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day One

I've been lurking on several blogs recently, I thought it was time to create my own. I really just want a place to publish some photos and observations...we'll see.

So this weekend, we/me - you know the 'man-ual labor' living with me...planted a few trees...they look great but he was beat!