Sunday, June 21, 2009

The new pre-flight

In addition to checking the oil, fuel and a bunch of other stuff I don't want to know anymore about....pre-flight for this Captain also includes check stroller, diaper bag, headsets (the pink variety), sophie, blanket and mom.

We celebrated Anniversary/Father's Day weekend with a flight to Roche Harbor for lunch and then dinner at East Sound. We arrived a bit late in East Sound - unfortunately all the stores were closed or closing. Totally a was 3pm on a Saturday -hmmmm someone tell these folks might sell something if they stay open a little longer.... We couldn't even manage to find a coffee. That's pretty bad for the greater Starbucks, er I mean Seattle area.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Oh the places we will go! She has papers and we're ready to hit the skies (in the major airlines that is). In addition to making sure we have kid, stroller, bag, purse, blackberry(ies), camera and the endless list of must-haves....we have to be sure not to lose one of these. Up to now all travel included the strict instructions to monitor your own required equipment (passport, money, etc). I don't think she qualifies for that regulation - so who will be the lose...I mean hold the passports. I think, I might be on the top of the list because if it is lost in say...France... I know what to do! With that in mind I think the next must pack list will include a couple extra passport photos. Life is just easier with those in your pocket.

Monday, June 08, 2009

This is becoming a pattern

Skipping school that is. Today was a field trip! It was bring your kid to the fishbowl day. At Ziggy's specific request kids were welcomed to the event. He is selling his new album - Family Time - and gave a little taste to the worker bees. Pretty sweet. We didn't win the raffle but of course little miss sunshine won the heart of everyone around her. Ziggy smiled, laughed, asked her name, was curious if the sound level was to be a concern and then asked if it was her first concert. Well...yes it actually was (Dave didn't play anything). He dedicated one song to the cutest little boy for an obvious reason - it was called cry cry cry. He dedicated the final song to O - it was the title track. Unfortunately at this point in the show, Olivia would rather eat than she almost didn't make it through the whole set. We survived and then bolted to a private room for lunch.
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