Friday, June 15, 2007

Trick my Truck

Two broken nails = iPOD through the stereo. I've been procrastinating this task for about a year - but motivated by my sister, I finally got it done. All the literature I read said I would have to disable the CD player...I thought I could possibly disable the tape player instead. But in the end...the radio had a multi-disk outlet. It was totally plug and play. Thank you Peripheral Electronics.

Thank goodness Dodge is put together with clips and not too many screws. Most everythhing is pressure mounted (and plastic). A few times I thought I was going to break it! It was a bit irritating that I needed a torx screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver (long and short) AND 8mm ratchet thingy. And wouldn't you know JR's tool kit was missing the 8mm. ARGH. But - thank goodness he is a good employee and a Boeing Pride kit wasn't missing the 8mm. After a little digging - and luck to find it - success! I think it is time for a new toolbox JR sucks at organization.

Happy Anniversary!