Sunday, December 31, 2006

Women must cover their Hair

We sorta played by the rules. Westerners were to arrive by 10AM for a guided tour of the mosk. Dress was to be conservative and women must cover their hair. Did I mention 10AM sharp? Ya well....we were late. Guess we'll have to buy a book for a guided tour of a mosk.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ski Dubai

Only in Dubai do you take off your sandals to put on your ski boots! We went to the mall (again) and experienced Ski Dubai. I thought it would be dumb - it was pretty cool. You can't believe you are skiing at the mall. The snow is real and the slope is an engineering work of art. The slope is equipped with a quad chair lift and even has a mid station cafe (in case you get tired between the 30 second runs) for espresso. It was definitely worth doing and cool to say our first skiing this year was at Ski Dubai.

After our 2 hours was up, we headed for eats. It was a close call - we almost ended up at TGIF's but settled on CHOP CHOP for something alittle more unamerican. But then the power went out - the sheikh kept shopping - but the kitchen was closed. We left the mall briefly thinking it was a terroist attack...but then we resumed shopping as well. We finally ate at a french cafe then rested at a movie - Babel. JR hated it - because he couldn't understand it. I thought it was pretty good.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Boys and Girls

Or - ladies and gentlemen - do you know what your flight crew was doing last night?

Emirates houses the flight crew in the Millenium Towers downtown New Dubai. A brand new (the road isn't complete yet) 58 story apartment building. The cabin attendants are 3 to an apartment on floors 1 - 35. The pilots get a 2 bedroom palace to themselves on floors 36 - 58. The highest floors are reserved for married pilots. If you have a family you get a villa somewhere else. Needless to say Millenium Towers is worse than the University of Illinois during Pledge week. And these people have money, jobs, careers and responsibilities...can't you tell from the pic? Some of us never grow up!

Once the wives come to town things slow down -
a bit....JR met a really great bunch of guys. Tareq is the crown jewel with Ben, James, Julio, Jon, Alan, Grant and Dave. They are from Peru, S. Africa, UK and US. Some are married with kids some are just starting out. All are looking for the highest seniority spot in a growing airline. Emirates has it all - including hot flight attendants (which I'm learning is priority number one).

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas eve, my gift was a trip to Cleopatra's spa. A Thai massage takes away all jetlag. I fell asleep sitting by the pool waiting for my pedicure to dry! JR had to call the front desk looking for me.

We celebrated Christmas eve at BICE, an Italian restaurant in the Hilton Hotel - then went where the beautiful people go - Buddha Bar. It was made famous in Paris. Funky music, cool drinks and people who think they are way cool..including us.

Dubai is crazy! JR told me everything was under construction, but its hard to understand what that means. Its seriously - everything under construction. There are two main places - Old Dubai and New Dubai. Old Dubai is pretty typical, and looks basically normal. New Dubai is totally under construction. The skyline looks like NewYork unfinished with a bunch of cranes on every building. EVERY building. The roads are not finished so its dirt roads and stuff everywhere. One day the road is there, the next it is gone. No one has an address you have a general area you are going to. I don't know how the taxi drivers survive. Construction is happening 24 hours a day.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

24 hours of airports - for this?!

No luggage and exhausted - but here we are!

Monday, December 18, 2006

BookSwap 2006

1.What is your favorite book of all time and why?

Of all time?! That's like saying never and forever. I can't do that. I rarely read the same book twice so my favorite tends to be based on my current spot in life. Currently - loving biographies or social science books. Recent favorite was Conservatize Me by John Moe or maybe Tough Choices by Carly Fiorina. I love them both because reading them was a learning experience. They both talk about issues I'm trying to solve in my own life. These books don't provide the answers of course, but a discussion of the possibilities. (meeting the authors ain't bad either!)

2. What type of book do you most enjoy reading?

I can really only stand to read non-Fiction. I was once a bodice ripper lover (romance and historical fiction) - but now I like biographies, current events, economic discussions or things that teach me something. I'm not interested in the screaming books - like INVEST NOW or other sort of National Enquirer non-Fiction.

3. What fictional character do you most resemble?

I say this only because I just saw her photo in my mom's house, the memory is fresh - and some might agree with what I'm about to say.
Fictional character - Scarlett O'Hara (from the romance novel phase...). She was self determined, self savior, a bitch at times, manipulative using feminity as a tool but survived and in the process maintained her version of life's values. I don't have green eyes, but I do have brunette hair - and I don't think anyone on earth has a 14" waist or whatever she got in the corset - but I'd give it a try.

4. What is your favorite type of sweet or chocolate?

I love butter carmels. Chocolate of any kind is wonderful. Oddly enough a snickers bar is probably my favorite candy bar even with those pesky peanuts in there!

5. What are your hobbies?

Learning - which includes books, knitting, gardening and traveling.

6. Do you collect anything?

Not really, but as I stare at my bookcases it occurs to my I might collect books!

7. What is your favorite color?

The warm fall tone of orange. I'll wear your sunkist orange at a football game but not on a regular basis.

8. What is your favorite movie and why?

To comply with the "of all time" requirement, I'll say Gone with The Wind. This is one of the only movies I'd watch again and again. But I also must mention, Rudy, A River Runs Through It and Working Girl. Your basic, character rises above incredible challenge theme.

9. When is your birthday?

Jan 05

10. What is your favorite scent?

Clean fresh scents. Lemon, lavender. I've never been a fan of those candy scents.

11. Do you have any allergies?

No allergies except to bills and debt!

12. Do you have wishlist on Amazon or another site?

Yes I do.....

13. What kind of music do you like? Are you MP3 compatible?

I like everything except headbanging hard rock. My 80's punk days are over! Now I really enjoy Jazz, international music like Jesse Cook and your occasional Dixie Chick.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hit the Road Jack

To my secret Pals, I'm so sorry for the disappearing act. I've been traveling for work and although touching a computer everyday...not keeping up with blogging as I should. Please accept my sincere apology for the absence!

What have I been doing?? Well, after my last post in November I sent JR off to Dubai for 3 months and then I hit the road. I decided if he's away I may as well travel as well. First I was in Lexington KY for 2 weeks. This was supposed to be a training trip to learn the functions of my job. It was a learning experience alright! I learned I didn't have a clue. During the two weeks I tried to visit as many company locations as possible. I drove to Cambelsville, KY; Louisville, KY; and Hebron KY.

On my way home from Lexington I stopped off in St. Louis to celebrate Thanksgiving day. Then it was home to rescue CAT from the empty house (yes the neighbor checked on her a couple times...)

After a couple, and I mean 4 days at home, I was off to Allentown PA. This was meant to be a quick trip and so we worked all available hours we had! I was lucky to spend one evening visiting with HighSchool friends. I was able to meet their kids and just relax talking about how we'd changed over the years. THANKS GUYS!!!

Back at home, I thought I would sit still for a little while, but then all of a sudden I was back on an overnight flight to Sterling VA. (I hate red-eye flights...but love sleeping in my own bed more.) Thankfully, this one was more organized and I was better equipped for this trip. I knew how to accomplish what was necessary - and we got it done! Anyone familiar with Washington Beltway traffic about 6PM - ya me too. It was worth it - at the end of the yellow brick road was dinner with my Uncle and Aunt. Hadn't seen them in years! THANKS AGAIN!

Before I rounded the corner to return home, I headed South to Tampa for a visit with my mom. This was awesome! We finally got to meet the HUNK in my sister's life. Whew.

And now, I'm home. Thankfully, but only for a couple days again. I'm headed back out to the airports again this week. And it appears, I'll be a road warrior for at least the next 6 months.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who turned out the lights in Seattle?

I was gone for the Storm in Seattle this past week. I didn't really think anything bad would happen, and it didn't, for me. But my friends have no power! We had a fabulous home cooked Italian feast last night - cooked with the power of a generator. Redmond is totally in the dark. I think Microsoft was closed a day or two without power! Downtown Seattle seems to be up and running but several outlying areas are still cold and dark 4 days after the storm. My friends mom, suffered the most, her master bedroom was hit with two humoungous Fir trees. She was huddled in the family room near the fireplace - thankfully far away from the master bedroom. WOW.
Dad you don't want to know this...but I drove under this tree last night on my way to the Italian feast. My friends live very close to this street - at the time the tree was precariously balanced over the street. There was this large sign that said do not enter/road closed? Curious - I just slipped right past it, plenty of room! On the way home, I took a back road to avoid getting killed by a 100 year old tree.