Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Torch in Gaol

We "busted her out" as JR likes to say - he called scuola and explained she was sick -eh, eh - and she wouldn't be in today. As he hung up he turned and said to Olivia..."that's how its done"...hmmmm not sure we need to teach this skill set. But whatever we headed to Vancouver to see the Olympics.
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Monday, February 01, 2010

Sweet Dreams

She's a great sleeper...I'm not sure what she's dreaming about...but I'm not interested in changing it! She can sleep through the burr of an airplane, the garbage man, recycle man, and compost man - but you walk into that room and she hears the click of the door - WATCH OUT! Those arms hit the air faster than you can squeeze yourself through the door crack and the bookshelf. Its amazing, how does she know. I swear she's half asleep - but you ain't gettin' outta there so just pick her up and settle into the rocker. We've learned from experience. No one in this house is allowed to 'check the child'. We don't want to see her till morning anyway. No news is good news and you can hear her snoreing thats good enough.

We've settled into a routine of nice afternoon snoozes (enough for a movie on a Sunday afternoon..have you seen Extrack?), nighty-nighty time starts about 8pm and lasts basically until 8am. It works out to be perfectly enough time to do the dinner dishes, pick up the toys and throw yourself on the couch for some terrible national broadcast television (I wish Frontline was on everynight). Now if I can just get her to be totally asleep in time to hit the couch for Survivor - my one and only TV indulgence outside of DIY.
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