Monday, October 01, 2007

Fall in New York City

Jesse Cook and Story Corp and I'm in heaven (manda would say Dork Heaven).

Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Beat

SEA->JFK drive to Allentown, PA, work, drive to New Castle, DE, drive to Alexandria, VA, work, vacation with friends in Alexandria, train DCA->BOS, drive to Nashua, NH, work, train BOS ->NWR, drive to Allentown, PA, work, work, drive to JFK - vacation, fly NWR ->SEA.

I hate airports, but the train was pretty spectacular. They get internet on that thing and I'm in! I'd rather do that than go to the airport anytime.

Amazon time = 76 days until Peak. Please place your orders now - that way I can be sure they have the right boxes and I can go on break...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Service Vehicle Soon (or driver...)

Service Vehicle Soon. I'm about to hit six figures!
I was out today just doing my normal stuff jamming to the iPod. One thing was different - I had the windows down. It was such a great day. The weather was awesome - a 'top down day' as Jon would say - but I never do top down. Anyway, its fall, the sun was out and I was running around town shopping and listening to music. As I was pulling out of a local shopping establishment (windows down - music up) this guy was sorta looking at me weird. Then it hit me and I just had to laugh. Perspective is everything. From my perspective I was lookin' hot, driving a hot car, listening to my fully integrated ipod jammin' out. From that guys perspective, I was a girl in a hot car listening to marching band music. Now I get it. Like I said its fall and I'm sorry - my taste in music is about as good as my taste in clothes. I love marching band music!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Goal Achieved

We can do anything - that is how we both felt once this beast was up, square and standing. Wow. We can seriously do anything. All it takes is time (alot of it). We both are pretty proud to finally have it complete. We're still discussing the spacing for the top layer. We're unsure of the actual sun blocking potential 16" spacing will provide. I also want to infuse some style with some special spacing. We'll see = after a coffee and a discussion maybe we'll have a resolution.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Any Day Now

One board at a time, one screw at a time she's standing on her own. Look at that hardware! And those slots! Perfect.

The final board will go in place, but first we had to saw a slot in the 6X6 beam. I unfortunately have no photos of this. Visually a person on a ladder at 10feet with a cordless 18volt reciprocating saw. The camera just never crossed my mind. But I will fits like a glove.

We'll have cocktails under the pergola very soon. I've been saying that all summer and now its almost here!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


We won't embarrass anyone with pictures of this day. All I will say is don't do a dry fit with 10 foot height and 20 foot span. All you need is a cat to sneeze to blow that sucker down.

We discussed how we would divide the assets and then just stopped speaking. We spent the next two days power tools in hand sanding and staining in hopes it would rise again.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Use What you Have

Because we mounted the ledger between the floors (to take advantage of the structural strength) we had the dryer vent obstacle to mess with. We decided to cut a 2 1/2 inch diameter hole in the ledger. Because this isn't a didn't come with screen to cover this hole with. So instead of running to the store, we used what we had. The screen door was right there screaming to be cut into. Now.... of course this decision was not made lightly. We need a new one - three years ago we spray painted an area that was discolored. We also have a hole in it - so honestly this was no big loss. The only problem is we now MUST replace it. No procrastination allowed. (Update 9/23 - still no new screen door. Place your bets now that this task will be completed in 2007.....)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Details Details

If you know us, you know we research and plan and think (and procrastinate) to infinity. This project is no different. Spray painting the hardware, sanding every piece of wood and staining until I had carpeltunal.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

This is Not a Kit

This is serious business. We have official engineering drawings, a fashonista approach to manufacturing and more brains than sense. If this were a kit - we wouldn't have to go to the store so many times.....

Here is some small progress. We spent about 16 hours arguing about the best process for cutting slots in the header. We tried a jigsaw then a circular saw and finally used a router. We learned this: a jigsaw should not be used for wood as thick as 2". A circular saw cuts different lengths on top and bottom if you don't go all the way through - you don't even want to know how long this was discussed... And a router is a pretty good solution (Updated: dado blade is best - we learned this upon completion of the entire structure thank you Extreme Home Makeover) - but you must have a template which also took about 4 hours to determine how to construct. Here we are almost done with all three boards with proper ear and eye protection.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Trick my Truck

Two broken nails = iPOD through the stereo. I've been procrastinating this task for about a year - but motivated by my sister, I finally got it done. All the literature I read said I would have to disable the CD player...I thought I could possibly disable the tape player instead. But in the end...the radio had a multi-disk outlet. It was totally plug and play. Thank you Peripheral Electronics.

Thank goodness Dodge is put together with clips and not too many screws. Most everythhing is pressure mounted (and plastic). A few times I thought I was going to break it! It was a bit irritating that I needed a torx screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver (long and short) AND 8mm ratchet thingy. And wouldn't you know JR's tool kit was missing the 8mm. ARGH. But - thank goodness he is a good employee and a Boeing Pride kit wasn't missing the 8mm. After a little digging - and luck to find it - success! I think it is time for a new toolbox JR sucks at organization.

Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blackberry in One Hand - Sheesha Pipe in the Other

I only put the wine down for a sec...

This was our last day in Arabia - the Arabian Adventure Tour was the best thing we did. The first tour was a 'Emirates Employee Discount' that turned into a nightmare. After 15 min in the car - I refused to continue by getting out and walking back. I figured I could catch a cab eventually! Turns out they drive on the highways - so a quick jump over the fence and we hailed one from the shoulder. No problem. This tour was professional with licensed drivers and a logo on the car. Perfect! FULL PRICE~! But it was fabulous. Dune driving, Henna's, Camel Rides, Belly Dancer, Sheesha smoking, food and Seat belts required. Safety first on this tour - not the Allah screaming Red Bull drinking Nissan Mirano way! It was a brochure day.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Do you think its real?

Always in search of a deal (or steal) we visited the Gold Souk in search of an anniversary band. I don't have (or like) my current wedding band so I look engaged rather than married on most days. I've been searching for an eternity band - but not willing to cough up the coin. So while in the shopping capital of the world we thought we'd pick up some diamonds. After strenuous negotiations (yah right) we walked away with a baguette eternity band. I think I'll always wonder if I got a good deal or not - but then so does I guess now we're even!

Monday, January 01, 2007