Sunday, November 14, 2010

The microwave has left the countertop...

Over cinnamon toast crunch it was decided to move the microwave. I had been dying to take a saber saw to the cabinet myself - but was told no construction was allowed until all the pieces were in hand (we need a new custom size door/drawer). I don't know what effect vacation had - but he must have missed his saber saw. Today at 9:30AM he thought it would be a good idea to just jump into the project. And now at 4:30 the project is complete (minus the door) and he's vacuuming my car. Somethings up, stuff just doesn't work like this in my universe. Our help was even helpful. I only heard a couple complaints about tools walking away...the level seemed to have grown legs and walked away (in Olivia's hand no doubt). Kitchen remodel of 2006 is almost complete, just need to finalize the refrigerator. I'm almost beaten down to accept a 38" standard depth rather than the 42" which will require drywall work. I hate cleaning up drywall dust.
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