Saturday, May 30, 2009

Roll Class!

Olivia's first day of school was a success - she'll be going back...just not today. We rolled class and watched 'crete instead! On her first day she had to go to the office because she was on hunger strike...and now day 2 she didn't show up and mom didn't call. We got busted by the skip patrol. Oops. But my check I'm not crying too much. I can already tell we're going to be 'those parents'...

Friday, May 29, 2009

First Day Outfits

I think there is a song from Annie that says You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile! Well no first of anything is complete with out a new outfit, hairdo, purse or something around here. Olivia is gifted with the DIY parents that we are - so her first day at school included a new outfit (of course). Only this outfit was more functional that normal. It included a letter from 'Olivia' to her teachers about what she likes and a translation of her sounds and peculiar movements. Like for example she will hit her belly with her hands when she wants to be picked up or if you cough she'll laugh. We kept it a big secret and dressed her in some overalls so the letter would be found by the teachers sometime during the day. Just a brief reminder she has people who love her and we'll get you if you hurt her... I also included some marks on the sleeves that said "I'm the new Kid" and "Its my FIRST day!" And one extra special message in a quirky place that pointed out Jon's favorite fact - "Diaper rash free - so far!!" I chose not to mention the wireless camera I had rigged up i and that she can text us on her own personal blackberry.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pouring on Friday

Generally, you don't want to ever hear these words in Seattle (we do more than we'd like) - unless it means concrete! That's right we're POURing on Friday!!! The concrete man just keeps coming back. Its almost 500 square feet of beautiful stamped concrete. We've been de-greened (in more ways than one), formed, re barred and even customized. After several wire chasing projects inside we wanted to be sure to accommodate future wire projects outside. So we requested a sinus cavity to allow for future customization of a 'tribal counsel' theme, lights or some audio/visual project of some sort. Next up is a new grill and patio furniture! July 4th barbecue is at OUR HOUSE!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

3 Day Weekend

Just your typical safety glasses required weekend at our house. The hall door installation is complete. The neighbor said it looks like its always been there. Success an OEM quality improvement not an aftermarket improvement. We have lots of dry wall work to do but for now the vacuum, stroller and car seat fit just fine. The integrated flooring to match the main room really perfected the look. Thank goodness we saved that wood all these years...but thank goodness that dreadful box of scraps of GONE! I'll keep daydreaming about shelf configurations till winter.

The patio guy finally made an appearance (twice) and we currently have a mud pit. Forming supposedly to occur on Tuesday with pouring next day, week, month? Who knows. I think next week. We're gearing up for a 'project minimum' summer this year. The couch will be delivered tomorrow, patio complete in May (cross our fingers), plants have been moved just need a photinia or two and I'll call it quits. The irrigation system is on tap for next November or March. We'll tackle more bigger projects when we have more labor. Currently some of us are working harder than least somebody knows what 3 day weekends are for!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Separated at Birth

Separated at birth not for anything other than the act of getting attention for doing this. It seems next to the discovery of her hands and feet, is the discovery of the tongue. She goes around all day sticking this out - because she can. Its actually very entertaining to watch her public encounters. Most people smile at a baby to get the baby to smile back. This new trick causes people to mimic her. I've never seen so many tongues - some I want to, others I'd rather skip. And of course this new thang has caused a conversation for...who's tongue does she have? You can now logoff and visulize that conversation for a minute or two...

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