Monday, February 28, 2011


I finally finished 'doll bed with bed linens'. We have one in our house and gave one to a neighbor ....not sure how long it will take to find one of these at a garage house or theirs!

I did all the sewing and was the creative muscle behind this initiative; however I did require assistance. I basically made one bed - it didn't quite work (my hands were cold) and so I just quit{cue garage door slamming behind me}. Someone in my house can't stand to see materials put in the trash. He pulled out all the crooked air nails and had enough materials to make 2 beds... So like Rumpelstiltskin, I had gold in the morning. Then I made the mattress, pillows, fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow case and comforter.

Next I'm thinking about building (having him build) a highchair so we can have 'yunch' with the babies.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Round and Round we go

I swear I was just at Christina's bday party....has it already been a year? This year we were treated to unlimited carousel rides, popcorn cupcakes, pirates booty and pizza. Truthfully...I don't think I ate as much pizza in college as I have with kids....and its still BAD pizza! We gifted Mary Poppin's DVD to Christina in honor of the Carousel ride at her party.
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Monday, February 14, 2011


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Peas be my Valentine!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl

Its the wrong team and all - but at least the same sport and besides its a great pic!
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Taking Turns

Life teaches us many things every day. Olivia is learning to share and take turns. Sometimes she'll share some things and other times not. Food is typically something not easily shared. We hypothesize this is the result of group eating she experiences daily with some very sneaky stealers. At dinner time under no circumstances do you take a 'bite' from her plate. If you do - our tattle tale will expose the thief and wince until apologies and hugs and kisses are administered. Recently she's been very accommodating with toys as long as 'turns' are taken. At a birthday party I was pleasantly surprised to witness sharing of a necessity (water). Back and forth the bottle went...probably not the last time we'll be seeing (or hearing) about this from these two.
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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Traveler Advisory

We have a long list of guests traveling to our house this year so I wanted to be sure we updated you on the latest home improvement project... So the good news - 1. I heart my Roku device (and Amazon on demand, Netflix and Pandora). This little box turned our television into an on demand device. I watch the NBC nightly news when I want to - without commercials. Shoot...once I even watched it at 5:30 and its not even broadcast until 6! Sometimes I'll just watch the today show and skip Bryan Williams all together. No more do I need to stay home glued to the television living my life according to the schedule of television executives (because I won't pay a subscription charge for a DVR). We have converted our Comcast cable bill into a $9.99 Netflix subscription (which I might drop to $4.99) and get Amazon Video On Demand for Free, and Pandora radio for free and a slew of other channels. It also turned our television into a huge digital picture frame - scrolling through our Picasa Albums. The Roku is wireless and works perfectly - get yours now and call your cable company and break those chains! The bad news....I'm guessing you figured out. We no longer have broadcast television. So if you can't survive a weekend without seeing a commercial for Empire Floors you might want to make alternative arrangements. Oh...and in case you need that constant talking head spewing what Rupert Murdock wants you to hear...the only one of those we get now is Al Jazeera - its free!