Thursday, February 26, 2009

What the heck is that?!

When was the last time you looked down and saw you hand and thought - "thats cool". Olivia has discovered her hands. Not sure if she knows its hers - and that she has two. So far the left hand is the coolest thing on earth - well maybe second to eating.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top Ten Must Haves (in no particular order)

We've lived with baby for a while now, and consider ourselves the 'resident' experts of what works and what doesn't. Oh ya we've had those - "give me the baby" episodes, but all in all things are good. Couldn't be without the right gear - here is my list of thank god we had that and couldn't live with outs...

1. Bugaboo Stroller - I spent hours researching what stroller I wanted (the good'ol days of unlimited internet time....). I settled on a value priced luxury stroller and ended up with the luxury priced luxury stroller (thank you grandma). It came down to the ride - SMOOOOOOOTH. But the purchase has proven to be good, the independent panel (JR) constantly tells me how awesome it is. Its a bassinet, a pram, a car seat holds shopping bags, Starbucks cups and of course babies! We've used this item almost every single day in one form or another. Once you get the folding and snapping stuff figured out you will never go back. JR loves walking the mall with our low weight equipment seeing those other models that look like they are getting ready to board an airplane with all that carry on luggage.

2. Cloth Diapers - for the spit ups not the butts. I tried the cloth diaper thing. It didn't suit me. But I love these for burp rags. I have them all over my house. I intended to be super crafty and make some fun looking ones using the cloth diapers - but she was mine are still white. Maybe soon I'll get to the fabric store to get these done.

3. Bose Stereo - okay, maybe you don't have to have Bose, but a stereo is a nice to have in the baby's room. I put it above rocking chair. It is so nice to have fun music to sing, rather than whatever random crap comes to my mind (she appreciates that I'm sure). Not to mention when you are stuck in that room - rocking, feeding or whatever - you've got some entertainment. And thankfully JR loves me enough to buy the $99 ipod accessory. It was a splurge...thank goodness for a procrastinating husband that buys my valentine at 8PM day of. I'll have to remember not to get so mad next time - seems to be working for me.

4. BIG Swaddle blankets - you can't use the Gerber/carter ones from walmart, target, or any cute baby store. Babies grow so fast! You need these super awesome and super huge swaddle blankets that actually stay around their little wiggling bodies.

5. Zippered clothes - this is for the daddies and the times you button a outfit all the way up the legs and top only to find you are off by one stinkin' button. Just PLEASE, put your finger behind the zipper so you don't zip skin too. That hurts. You protect it when you zip yourself I'm sure...

6. Wipe Heater - At first glance this may seem like a luxury, but I'm telling you it saves you money. In the early days we didn't have this set-up. Every time we changed a diaper and hit her with the cold wipe, she peed...on her clothes, on me, on JR, on whatever she was laying on. Once we got the changing table assembled and put this in the system, the warm wipe treatment stopped the peeing. Now we use fewer diapers, change our clothes (and hers) less - serious money saver!

7. Petroleum Jelly - lather up in this stuff. Put one in the diaper bag, one on the changing table, one in your pocket. This keeps'em moist and reduces redness. Not to mention it keeps stuff from getting crusty down there if you don't change diapers every 2 hours - which is good because it means you are sleeping more than 2 hours.

8. Garbage Pale and dirty clothes hamper - strategically located and reasonable in size - Dirty diapers are bigger than you would think. We can't believe the amount of trash we are producing these days. Having something to toss those puppies in that you are willing to look at - is nice. Now just don't let it get filled up...empty that thing as frequently as possible.

9. Latch System in your car - makes car shopping so much faster. I think a kid is a necessary accessory for this task. you have an excellent excuse for a quick exit to skip the pitch.

10. Diaper Bag - get one that looks cool you'll be seen with it alot. A good friend recommended I get a 'unisex' one. Cause he'll need to use it too - she said! So actually JR picked ours out. Not too bad and he color coordinated with the stroller - smart man.

And honorable mention....Husband - I can't imagine doing this alone and greatly admire those who do. Its better to have someone here to yell at for not doing all that 'stuff' they should know to do without being told...I'd hate to not have anyone to yell at, at all. Here's super dad with kid and dish towel.

Scene of the Crime

We had a mystery to solve this morning.

Clue number 1:

Clue Number 2:

Clue Number 3 (with distance shot for proper perspective):

Guilty as charged with the act of eating so much you get to fat to fit through your custom made kitcat door to get to the shitbox.
To the best of our mystery solving skills we figure she went through the door...and took the door frame with her. The frame was discovered across the street in a neighbor's yard. The good news, is she made her way out of it - she's been in the house as normal (in/out/in/out). Currently no hard feelings are being displayed - but we sure laughed alot when we figured out what must have happened. No need for concern yet - but if we start cutting holes for Olivia to crawl through to go to the bathroom may want to step in.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Because no one should listen to good music through bad speakers. I think Olivia's room is finished. I blew my budget for plush toys and a mobile on a new Bose stereo...she'll thank me later. Now we can sing Old McDonald and the Muffin Man in style!

Monday, February 09, 2009

If the shoe fits...

And the steaks need flipping, wear the shoes!!! I'm not the only one that likes Jon's plastic shoes.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Love the Crafters

I'm a crafty - JR would say "a crapper", but I do like to knit and make home-made stuff - the laura ingalls wilder in me. Currently working on home-made baby annoucements. JR did the math and I could have paid to have them done for the cost of my materials. Unfortunately that is usually the case - I've found its never cheaper to make what you can buy. Sad but true.

Over the last few years, I've graced several friends with my home-made items, now it is my turn. Here is Olivia modeling a home-made outfit from an admirer. Doesn't she look cute?!