Monday, October 31, 2011

Raise your hand if you.....

Want to go trick-or-treating! I'm scared of how in character they are.

This was a great year! She was just young enough to be in awe of being handed candy...loving the dress...and just a little scared of the costumes of the big kids! There was plenty of shoulder boxing going on to be first - but it turns out the most fun was handing out the candy. I guess that does make you pretty cool if you are friends with the big Kindergartner that rides the bus and knows all the girls in the neighborhood!

"Is this really all mine? Well... as much as you can eat before we do!"

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

89 vs 80 Inches

How to get 540lbs of 89 inches through a standard height door. We don't know yet - because a normal pallet jack, my hand truck and 2 guys couldn't figure it out. The refrigerator (I should have paid more for) was taken away. They said they would be back tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breadth, this delivery was rescheduled 4 times already. All I can think about is the dark dirty warehouse it sits in potentially getting damaged.

Amazon one click you strike AGAIN! I thought a car was the weirdest thing to order online...
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day in the City

We took a jaunt into the city and discovered riding the bus

and looking at street entertainment was pretty cool for the under 36" crowd.

We did some shopping and

had some lunch at the counter....
then hit the road for home in time for nap time!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

We're Back!

After a season off the grid - we're back in the Apple pie. Since having kids I feel like I was living in a cave - but since buying a (fixer'upper) house I feel like I've had my head in a hole in that cave. Today we came up for air and are feeling a bit like we're getting back to normal. Normal does include having skis and outdoor blinds in the formal living room, and wall mounted toilet brushes (to be hung) on the kitchen table, but I'll take what I can get. So while Jon is sitting around talking to Siri trying to figure out if his stuff is in the cloud or on the computer and who's account he should be using....I'm trying to hit the sewing machine. My whole life I wanted to create costumes for my little princesses...suddenly I have one! YIKES.
This is not finished and she would only hold still for half a second. I thought I was being cool and cut the skirt out to be a size 6 (I was making a size 4). But the skirt is just gathered so no big deal I wanted LOTS of gathering. Well, that plan most likely worked but it did make the job harder. The sleeves are my favorite. Instead of just appliqueing the red splotches I created box pleats of red. I had to re-draw the sleeve pattern to accommodate the inserts. Overall it meets the "Halloween costume" fit requirements, just a little loose in the chest. I might try for some chest darts to fix that and I might not. Considering the likelihood she puts it on at all...