Monday, September 28, 2009

A Too-ffer

A two-for-one as they say is how Olivia delivered her first tooth (teeth). She was particularly a pain, which is not the norm, we thought - oh man the streak is ending! No more great sleeping, happy baby, dinner and independent play. She's been abducted by a whining awake at random hours alien. And then we figured it out - she has pain in her mouth (and a fever)! A couple doses of Tylenol and chewing on a pacifier (the wrong end...but still) and we discovered two bottom teeth starting to poke through. We can't lay a finger in her mouth unless she's sleeping, when I sit, rock and rub her gums. I just can't get over that mind game of where something you feel seems SOOO big, but with your eyes seems totally normal in size. And these things are hard - teeth hard! I'm so used to her mouth being full of soft gums. Hitting a tooth with the spoon seems so strange! Her favorite teething item is the blackberry - mom or dad variety doesn't matter - blackberry is enough.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

How many baby monitors does it take to...

It was another wild and crazy Friday night in the suburbs. We had generic beer, baby monitors, and Wii on the 100". We golfed, bowled, danced, boxed, walked the tight rope and did a little yoga. We had plans for some movies but we'd had so much to drink our neighbor was talking about how it was a good idea for him to cut a hole in his wall for a hall was time to call it a night. Besides we had to get home before the kiddos woke up and wondered where all the adults were!

I see another wood project in our future. We need a mini-pergola to house the screen. It should be about 3 feet deep and capable of holding plants that can cascade down for a lush jungle look - 'cause next year we'll have irrigation!