Thursday, August 28, 2008


New counter tops. I like the home-improvement projects where the hardest part is giving your credit card number. Almost like a genie in the bottle - a few hours later and I have this! Just need to get the plumber (JR) to put the sink back-together. I'd be leaving out details if I said I didn't do this for as cheap as possible. Cheap as possible included performing our own demo and plumbing re-install. Demo required a hammer (the precision tool) to remove the faucet - the nut just wouldn't come out with a we helped it. And laminate slices like a least no one hit their head on the floor this time at the sight of the blood. Stay tuned for the remaining appliances - the big question to micro-wave or not. Its a big decision.

Exile Island

Jon hasn't exactly been voted off the island...but lets just say his vote won't carry as much weight as before if our household votes along party lines....

Hopefully that is enough of a hint for what will be joining us in January. If not...well go to Amazon and buy us anything pink you can find - that should do it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You cook?

Goodbye always dirty drip-pan electric stove...

Hello finger-prints!

We saved our penny's from the laundry machine repair and are upgrading the kitchen - slowly once piece at a time. I'm not sure if I can handle fingerprints - I mean stainless steel on everything. It sure looks nice - no idea how it cooks. I've been watching this for a year and the price finally dropped - maybe it was the price of oil? It was the lowest I'd ever seen. I compared to all the pro models and I think for my needs this is the best value. It has a competitively large oven, dual fuel, convection option, temp probe and includes accessories. I'm still trying to figure out who the manufacturer actually is. The analog temp gage is very similar to a Thermador or DCS - but I'm not sure.

Wolf and Viking were exciting but really expensive and both had a feature I couldn't get past. The top cooking surface has a gap between the side panel and the front panel. Seemed to be the perfect place for food and grim to settle. This one is a solid surround on the top - that was the kicker for me. I may never know what it is like to cook on a Viking or a Wolf...but I'll also never have to look at that crack full of spaghetti sauce. Seemed like a reasonable compromise considering the slop-dogs that live in my house.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Bike -

and lock. As my sister reminded me - new bikes and I don't get along well. She pointed out if I needed a tire she could get me a good 'un-used' one. I ordered this in June as my Birthday present, and we just picked it up, it took forever. Someone must have ridden it here from Amsterdam!

The Electra Amsterdam - not sure what that hand gesture means - I think he's going for 'dork'. Who knows. The bike is super cool, with integrated gears, book rack, light, and room for a basket. Everyone at the bike shop couldn't stop staring at it. I think they couldn't make up their minds if it was stupid or retro cool. I think it is retro cool. I originally wanted a no gears bike - but wasn't allowed. This turned out to be good advice, I had enough trouble getting up the hill in 1st gear. And the sucky-est thing of all...our county has a bike helmet law. A LAW. All ages are required. I can't believe it. If my child refuses to wear a helmet as I did this weekend and says all the horrible things I did (minus any foot stomping)...I'm in trouble. I think I have a future of a kid leaving with helmet on - and once out of eyesight....helmet removed...uh-oh.

Nice Garage floor too!