Saturday, August 11, 2007

Details Details

If you know us, you know we research and plan and think (and procrastinate) to infinity. This project is no different. Spray painting the hardware, sanding every piece of wood and staining until I had carpeltunal.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

This is Not a Kit

This is serious business. We have official engineering drawings, a fashonista approach to manufacturing and more brains than sense. If this were a kit - we wouldn't have to go to the store so many times.....

Here is some small progress. We spent about 16 hours arguing about the best process for cutting slots in the header. We tried a jigsaw then a circular saw and finally used a router. We learned this: a jigsaw should not be used for wood as thick as 2". A circular saw cuts different lengths on top and bottom if you don't go all the way through - you don't even want to know how long this was discussed... And a router is a pretty good solution (Updated: dado blade is best - we learned this upon completion of the entire structure thank you Extreme Home Makeover) - but you must have a template which also took about 4 hours to determine how to construct. Here we are almost done with all three boards with proper ear and eye protection.