Monday, June 13, 2011

Shock and Awe

They talk to friends and family on cell phones and iPads. They cross continents in mere hours (despite how long it feels). They have unlimited movie selection at the click of a button. They bowl, golf, ski and home in the living room. They live - onDemand - in more ways than one yet, making popcorn in something other than the microwave shocks them. I was my 13 year old self this weekend, babysitting 3 kids. We colored, played toys, made cookies, made popcorn, made pizza and watched a movie (or two). I really saw the different personalities of kids and can't imagine having three myself. I also learned I am not smarter than a 5 (or 3) ((or 2)) year old....and yes...I did repeat the words of the great adults before me..."because I said so" ....

Everything did end well. I'm told I've earned the chance to have 1 adult night out bi-monthly in exchange for competing with my neighbors to be the 'fun house'. Its ON! I think I still have a record player around here somewhere.
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