Sunday, July 10, 2011


The new house has surprises around every corner, some fun some not so fun. Jon has explained many times the benefits of a larger mower deck on his riding lawnmower...that he hopes graduates to a John Deer One Series...but a deck as large as his truck?! This is a little ridiculous. We've had lots of good luck so far, it seems an investment in a new 'tractor' would be smart. The hot tub is working with less than $500 investment (new pump and new sensor), the kitchen is solid, bathrooms work (with your eyes closed) - the move so far hasn't cost a significant investment in surprises.

One very nice surprise is our cul de sac of neighbors - supportive and yet respectful. That second 'tractor' down there is the neighbors. As Jon stood scratching his head and replacing his hat (as he does when he is super angry and no one is there to yell at) - the neighbor cruised over with a spare (and then very respectfully left Jon to his space). The grass will not grow another week. The thought of cutting grass with 2 or 3 weeks of growth is the only thing I can think of that gives men nightmares. During another episode of mowing (at dusk in the rain - concluding in calling me at 9pm to get more gas), another neighbor brought Jon hot dogs...these guys must know to stick together!

Now I know why farmers sit and watch the grass grow - they are planning their route and thinking about the next time they mow. I'm sure many more discussions about 'the grass'.
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