Monday, July 25, 2011

Tractor Pull

After rescuing the tractor from the yard, its rolling again (strangely not mowing...). Almost repaired enough to beat the power of the HPX. We did a few laps again this weekend - the driver is the important part not the metal.... she navigated at rabbit speed between the vet and truck without scratching a panel - much to our astonishment. I think my favorite part of this toy is that technically there is no break. You remove your foot from mashing the gas and it automatically applies a break - which on blacktop results in a skid stop, very cool for a 2 year old.

And finally the slip-n-slide, you know 40% clearance at Fred's cause its July 24th. However, this is only day two of temperatures high enough to hit the outdoors in a 'kini. It was a bit short resulting in some skid stops on grass. No problem, we have grand plans for the DIY Slip-n-Slide. Its a terrible thing when you sit and discuss what mill strength would work best.

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